Fall Desk Area + Midnight Painted Pumpkin & Artwork

You guys. I am exhausted, and this week isn’t ever close to being over. Ugh. I’ve been having contractions, and I’m sure it’s from stress. I’ve felt like crying all week. Guess it’s probably also just normal pregnancy hormones, but I’m doing my best to just enjoy these crazy last days in our home.  

During this calm before the storm, I decided to play with my pumpkins & watercolor paintings on my office desk.

I brought in one of my pots of Rosemary from outside to add a splash of green, and grabbed all my blue fall decor.

Remember how I said my succulents had babies? Well I decided to use some of them before planting them to create a cascading greenery garland.

They also look amazing paired with white pumpkins.

Some of you may have seen my tutorial for this DIY Midnight Watercolor Pumpkin on my blog earlier.

It’s fun becuase I can turn it to show a different scene depending on my mood.

I don’t normally use such dark accent colors, but it really looks great in this particular space.

And how breath taking is my painting for October’s Calendar? Check back on the first of the month to get your hands on the freebie version of this painting. I should be adding all the full version past calendars to my shop soon.


Check back from more fall decor inspiration soon!

thank you for stopping by!

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