About Me...

Meet  Hannah  Hathaway

Hello there & welcome to my blog. My most important roles in life are being wife to my amazing husband, Silas, and mommy to my children, June & Jason. 

I live and breath art & my purpose in life is to make life more beautiful. On my blog, you will see posts about everything from watercolor tutorials, digital design & home renovations.
My husband is in the USMC, so as a military family we have moved around following him across the country. Each step along the way, we've done our best to make our house a home. Currently, we live in an adorable little house that we just finished flipping. But to tell the truth, I have run out of things to do to it since it isn't our forever home.
With that said, we are hoping to put some roots down soon. I have my heart set on buying a little white farmhouse with chippy paint. I want space to be creative & I need a house to take on my renovation addiction. Haha! But life doesn't fall into place overnight, so in the meanwhile, I am focusing on being content & joyful, and of course, making my current world as beautiful as I can.

thank you for stopping by!

WE might be twins if you...

love drinking ice coffee

have considered living in a tiny house 

love rainy days 

are a natural brunette turned blond 

don't like tall rollercoasters 

listen to country music every day

like long walks on the beach

did acting in highschool