Shabby Chic Pallet Frames DIY

Hey guys! As a part of my new Hand Lettered By Hannah Series, I thought a little DIY was called for.

So it’s no secret that I love creating art and dabbling in hand lettering. I really have a very unique cursive style that I like in home decor (some may say it’s hard to read, but that’s fine with me- art should make people stare. Lol!)

I wanted to show you all how I make my pallet wood frames for my art. They are really a gorgeous, rustic farmhouse style, and I am obsessed with how they look: raw or painted distressed white!

It’s super simple and makes art for your home super affordable, which I am all about.

First, cut all your boards at a 45° with your saw. The board’s width may vary a little, but to me this adds character.

Don’t know where to find free pallet boards? Check out my post with all my pallet hoarding tips HERE.

Choose which sides you want to show off character-wise, and flip them so they are facing the ground. Next, lay a smooth plywood piece of wood behind that sucker and screw it together using the plywood to hold it all together.

Boom. Done. I’m not a perfectionist for all the unseen things (like the back of this frame) so as long as the front looks presentable and level, I am good to go.

Next you get to paint the plywood and the frame. Okay, so this part should really go first if you want your frame left raw, but I usually just do all the painting in one go since I like my decor white.

It usually needs 2-3 coats. I like to do the paint thick, but also leave certain areas a little untouched.

Looking good so far. I usually let them sit for a few minutes until they get into that in-between stage of wet and dry.

Next, pick up what ever sort of sharp, scrappy thing you can find to distress the heck out of your newly painted frame.

If you want an especially chippy look, go back and forth, leaving scrapings still attached.

My husband walked in on me during this project and said: “You know, most sane people like things to look new…”

Well I like them to look old and worn!

I don’t like this method as much on brand new wood. It just doesn’t scrape away as beautiful as old, aged, rustic wood.

These frames make my heart pitter patter every time I see them. Like, I am in LOVE!

Stay tuned to see the process videos of the hand lettering I did inside them!

thank you for stopping by!

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