A Little Bit of Transparency

Hi guys! Today I am feeling a little behind on everything in life. Sometimes it feels like I will never catch up. This really ends up weighing me down, and I have to take a step back and appreciate my “now life”

Sometimes all you see is the beautiful things in someone else’s life. These pictures doesn’t show the that I’m still in my pj’s with messy hair and yesterday’s eyeliner (it’s bad ya’ll!) You can’t hear the crying baby, or see the bucket of toys the kids dumped in the middle of the house for the millionth time. I have to daily remind myself it doesn’t matter if my life looks “peaceful” in an Instagram photo, if I am not enjoying life to the fullest in REAL life.

The house doesn’t always have to be clean for me to be happy. I am still a good mommy. I am making it a point to take a minute to sit down and play with my little ones. That is enough to make my life beautiful.

Anyways, that’s a little glimpse into my life today. XO

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Sally Godwin

    June 22nd, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Playing with, listening,reading, talking to the kids comes First..housework definitely comes Last! You have your priorities right, and yes, you do need some creative space regularly in order to nurture yourself. Been there, done that…got several of the T-shirts (one for each now grown-up kid). 🙂

  2. Rachel

    July 6th, 2017 at 11:16 am

    I like your blog and aesthetic, and I like that you shared that you aren’t perfect! I love pinterest and blogs, but sometimes it gets overwhelming to look at so many perfect things that I have to deliberately get off line for a while and remind myself that real life usually doesn’t look perfect, and that’s ok, and even refreshing!

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