DIY Pallet Kitchen Island- With Plans

Let me start this off by saying that I am SO thankful for all of you. Blogging can be very lonely… I don’t have coworkers to joke around with, and sometimes I go weeks without getting together with people… unless you count my 1 and 4 year old (and my husband)… haha! Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home, but sometimes I miss people.

I see pageviews, but I don’t necessarily associate them with people caring about my blog- or even liking my content. Last week I posted a very overwhelmed post, and so many of you wrote encouraging comments to me. Thank you so much! Honestly, my blog is just little glimpses into my life, and my goal is to be a little sun ray of beauty in other people’s lives. Thank you all for your support and love!

Today’s post has taken me for FOREVER to finish. It’s a little Kitchen Island made out of pallets that my husband built me. It was such a quirky little piece of furniture, and I actually really disliked it when my husband was building it. I told him we didn’t have a good place for it. But now it’s my favorite piece in our house. It’s funny how that always seems to happen to me.

We don’t actually have a kitchen table, since our breakfast area is so tiny. We did have one when we first moved in, but we found that we never used it, and it just took up the whole space. Plus we eat in our living room… don’t judge! I always laugh when people with small kids come over to my house and start to panic once they see how white my house it… like they are afraid that I’m a neat freak, and I’m always like, “Um, we are SO not picky…. our kids make messes all the time, I change my baby on the floor, June draws on the walls, and you should see the food fights that happen here!” Haha!

When we started remodeling out kitchen (HERE!) We decided to open up the space and make it more functional for our family by building a hutch (HERE!) Once that was finished I realized how much I loved the island.

We don’t actually use it for food… especially since it’s made with… pallets. But it’s a great workspace for me, and June thinks it’s her official drawing station.

But one of the best parts is that is has the cutest worn, rustic beauty to it. The kind that looks like it has seen the good side of one hundred years. While I paint almost everything white, I LOVE the look of natural wood.

So for all of you people who have been asking me for the how to, here it is finally! YAY! And if you are like us, and just have a saw, some screws and a drill on hand, you can make it for free if you hit the jackpot and find some pallets.

Don’t know where to find pallets for free? Read my post HERE on where I get mine, along with all the red flags you should be aware of.

Step One:


Two 2×4’s 20″ long.

Four 2×4’s 36″ long.

Screw the 20″ boards flush to the edges of the 36″ long legs.

Step Two:


Two 2×4’s 48″ long.

Wrap the outside of the legs with the 48″ boards, flush with the ones from step one.

Step Three:


2×4’s 17″ long.

Add a shelf support board in between both sides of the legs, screwing in from the outside of the legs.

Step Four:


Two 2×2’s 17″ long.

Now add a 2×2″ board running on the outer edge of the shelf support to act as a ledge.

Step Five:


Two 2×4’s 38.5″ long.

Run two boards in between the two shelf supports and screw in. You can do pocket holes for this or even use brackets.

Step Six:


Two 2×4’s 20″ long.

Run two supports in-between the top, outer boards.

Step Seven:


Three 2×6’s 24.5″ long.

Run shelving boards across the supports for the shelf part.

Step Eight:


Two 2×4’s 48″ long.

Three 2×6’s 48″ long.

Add boards across the top.And you are done!

You want to hear the funny thing? So I didn’t like it at first, but then I was looking through Pottery Barn and Billiards Designs catalogs and I saw basically the same structure, but for hundreds of dollars… you bet I told my husband I loved him after that. Haha!

So there you have it.

And Hannah lived happily ever after with her DIY rustic pallet kitchen island.

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Unknown

    May 17th, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Love it love it love it! Thank you so much, my husband has to add this to his honey do list.

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