DIY Pallet Clock

Hey guys! Today I actually have broken away from my crazy life as a mommy to write up a tutorial from my Master Bedroom (see it HERE) for you!

Pallets are all the rage these days. I mean, who can beat free, distressed, aged wood for home decor? One of my favorite things to use pallets for is clocks. I made this large clock to look like a reclaimed antique clock.

It was really simple to build. First, we attached a row of pallets together by attaching two other boards along the back.

Second, we used a string tied to a pencil tip that we then attached to the center of the board with a screw, to help us draw out the perfect circle.Third, we used a cheap jig saw to cut off the sides. This particular tool cost under $30 at Lowes, so it’s a good investment for projects like this.

We lived with it raw for a while, because I am all about natural wood. But it looked too jumbo size for me this way. And yes, that TV needed to go SO BAD! Such a big eyesore… and we never used it anyways…

So one night I took the clock down, slapped some white paint on it (flat paint looks the more antique) and took a board and scraped it for a distressed look.

The numbers were drawn on with a sharpie (I mean, can you get any easier? )

Super sweet and simple.

I love how refreshing it looks up against a pure white wall.

It goes perfectly with all the other pallet elements in our master bedroom, like this dresser.

And this bed & our pallet night stands… can you tell we love pallets?

It’s so rustic and stunning in all it’s natural glory.

To see my list of tips and tricks as a pallet hoarder, along with how to easily disassemble them, check out my post HERE. On a side note, see my pregnant belly in the picture? That was from like two years ago when I had Jason- sob! Time flies!

thank you for stopping by!

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