DIY A Frame Tent & Fabric

My kids are always taking the couch cushions off and making blanket forts out of chars and whatever else they can find. I LOVE their imagination. My siblings and I used to pretend our rocking chair was a boat when we where little… which often resulted in having it fall on top of us from all the back and forth commotion… lol. With that said, I am SO happy to see my kids making memories with each other while using their imagination.

Today I checked one of my bucket list projects off my to do list: A Frame Tents.

Sleepovers here we come!

I designed the fabric myself using a wonderful custom fabric printing company called Contrado. They did an amazing job printing it. The fabric is super high quality, and looks seriously professional. I was really impressed.

If you want to use the same patterns I used on my fabric, you can download my designs for free HERE. To upload them onto the fabric of your choice, go HERE and Contrado will print you some gorgeous fabric.

To make a tent the same size as the ones I made, you will need a good 2 yards that is 28″ish wide. My fabric of choice was LoopBack Sweat Jersey. It’s really perfect for tents, becuase it’s slightly stretchy, but still sturdy.

To build the frame, just get some 1×2″ (4 boards cut at 37″ long) boards. Now you can use whatever sort of measurements you want for a tent, but I wanted ours to be easy to store. So I opted to make them just big enough for June (4 years old) to fit snuggly.

Line the boards up on top of each other and drill a 3/4″ hole into the centers of boards. Then run a 3/4 (32″ long) dowel through the holes so that your frame looks like the photo above.

Next, add some spacer boards connecting the sides (the boards I used were 27 3/4″)

I used L brackets to attach the sides, but you could even just add 2 more dowels to the bottom, instead of the boards. Either way works.

Now that the frame is good to go, simply stretch your fabric over the frame, and staple it to the bottoms of both sides.

Cute, huh?

June and Jason love having their own tents. I think I need to make more for when their friends come over to play!

So what are you waiting for? If you make one, send me a photo, or tag me on on instagram at @welivedhappilyeverafter so I can see!


Disclaimer: I was given store credit to purchase fabric in exchange for featuring it in a post. But I only use & promote things that I love and think you will too!

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Pesi

    January 16th, 2017 at 8:16 am

    I am so inlove with this!! Thank you so so so much!! The easiest tutorial I've found on A Frame. xx

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