Contractions & Getting Ready To Move

I have a late morning post for you all today.

Yesterday I may or may not have done too much. Since we are getting the house ready to sell, I decided to do some yard work & pack up some of our closets & cabinets. My husband had pulled an all nighter Wednesday, so of course, as soon as he fell asleep finally on Thursday, I started having non-stop contractions for two hours. I really didn’t want to wake him up, but they got stronger & I started getting back pain, so I decided it was time to go to L&D.

I just turned 27 weeks, so they put me on a monitor to try to pick up the contractions. Then they checked me to find out if I was dilated. I was 1 cm. Since they didn’t want me to progress any more, they gave me some medication to stop the contractions. It took a bit to kick in, but they slowly stopped. Baby hated the monitors. I’ve never felt him squirm and kick so much. Haha!

Thankfully they didn’t have to give me the steroid shot for baby’s lungs.

I always feel silly going to the ER, and even doctors in general. I just get this feeling that I am paranoid, but I’m glad I listened to my gut this time, especially since they found I was dilated. Silas stayed in the truck with the kids, so they wouldn’t have to stay in the waiting room. June and Jason thought a 3 am car party sounded awesome. So Silas basically got no sleep, poor guy. And he never once complained. I’m so lucky in the husband department.

Thankfully I was discharged early this morning, so everything is good as far as I can tell.

I thought I was getting a good workout in yesterday. Haha! I am going to take it easy for now, and not push myself too hard with getting ready for the move.

Anyways, just a little baby update. Thank you all for your prayers for me during this time.

thank you for stopping by!

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