Watercolor Coloring Sheet Mountain Valley

Who’s ready for another coloring sheet freebie? I am! Yesterday I did the video tutorial for this pretty piece, and today I’m going to break it down step by step. This tutorial is based off of a painting I did a while back, so the steps are show as if you are painting from a blank page. The coloring sheet will have guidelines based off of this painting for you to follow.

Here’s an example of what the coloring sheet looks like before painted.

But for this one, I started with a blank page, and penciled in where I wanted the moon to be so I could avoid painting it. I recommend using masking fluid for instances like this.

Next I painted an ombré effect of colors to go from the ground to the sky.

Again, I painted carefully around the moon.

It’s important to make sure your paint is dry if you are adding extra layers. So to speed up the process, I used a blow dryer on low.

Next I added my pine trees.

Then I added some hills & mountains encircling the valley river.

Remember when we penciled in that moon? It’s time to add some color and texture to it.

Lastly add some stars & we can call it a night.

If you love the print, but don’t have time to do my coloring sheet version, you can always purchase the art print version in my shop HERE.

To see the exact colors, tools & supplies used in this tutorial, check out my post on my “Favorite Watercolor Tools & Resources.”

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