How To Paint A Watercolor Valley

I’ve been working on some super pretty new pieces for you all, and I can’t wait to share them. I literally had soooo many painting videos on my computer that I needed to get a 4 terabyte external drive for them. Haha! Today I wanted to show the behind the scenes of one of my favorite landscape paintings from my shop. You can purchase the art print HERE.


In this new printable coloring book series, the videos will traditionally feature me painting the coloring sheet versions. But since this is an old painting, I will be showing how I painted it from blank paper on up in this video. Grab the freebie Coloring Sheet HERE.

Check back tomorrow to get the coloring sheet version of this painting for free (HERE), along with some picture steps.

To see the exact colors, tools & supplies used in this tutorial, check out my post on my “Favorite Watercolor Tools & Resources.”

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