My Baby Sister’s Wedding: Ceromony and Reception

My little sister got married in October… and earlier this month she left us and moved to India to live with her husband. I miss her, but I’m SO happy for her.

Today I wanted to share her beautiful day with you all. It was seriously the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. If I could re-do my wedding, I’m sure I would steal most of her ideas. Lol!

Since she was having a small wedding, they had the ceremony and reception in one room & it was breathtaking.

For anyone wondering where it was held, it was at 701 Whaley St. in SC.

The venue was a historical restored building with STUNNING halls, pillars, and chippy paint gorgeousness! It was a designer’s dream.

She had the ceremony and reception in the same room, which I was unsure of at first, but it actually worked brilliantly.

I just have to say, because it’s not already apparent, that I worked my butt off (along with many other wonderful family members who came up for the wedding!) to make this room look this good.

DIY runs in the family. ‘Nuff said. To summarize, we were all limping out to the car EXHAUSTED as soon as the wedding was done.

But it was worth it! I’ll be sharing a few of the DIY’s at a later date, but lets just say that most of my home decor ended up in her wedding. Not even joking. LOL!

So, not to “picture anyone out” or anything (can you ever look at too many wedding photos? I think no!) here are a few of my favorites, with some of their personal shots included.


Laurel decided to get ready off site at a hotel, away form the craziness. Best decision EVER.

I mean, Norman Rockwell painting anyone? Or maybe Monet?

As a multitasking bridesmaid, DIY wedding decorator, and photographer, I literally took 1000 photos… and came home & realized I should have taken more. Always take WAY more than you think you need.

Isn’t she breathtaking?

Sisters are best friends born into the same family. 🙂

Every wedding needs one of these shots, right? Funny story, June apparently wore her pink tutu (which she had on BEFORE the wedding) under her flower girl dress. We kept on taking it off of her, but she would sneak it on again. And when I was putting her in her carseat at the end of the wedding I realized that sure enough, she was wearing it again! LOL!

You guys won’t believe what I made this cupcake stand out of btw. I Can’t wait to share the how to!


They decided to do a first look, and man was it adorable.

What you don’t see is the 30 other people in the room hooting and hollering… whoops, should have kicked them out. :-/


As I mentioned before, the ceremony was in the same room as the reception, and everyone just sat at the tables during the ceremony.

This chandelier-curtain set up was what Laurel planned her whole wedding off of. Honestly, I was scared to death about hanging it on the 20 + foot ceiling, but thankfully the guys figured that process out. I’m writing a post just about this whole set up, so more on that later.

Here’s a shot from a little later in the day so you can see the gist of the room’s set up.

Seriously, could this room get any more perfect?





And one more photo of the ceremony…. because it’s a fairy tale in progress!

You May Now Kiss The Bride. 😉

This is the sign the girls held walking down the aisle. It said “Here Comes The Bride” in the front, and “And They Lived Happily Ever After” on the back. Swoon!

This part of the day was so perfect, but all I was thinking of as I walked down the aisle was, “SHOOT! I have to walk down the aisle before June. Is she going to behave?!” #momproblems

She was a perfect flower girl though. Phew.


I have to say that I’m proud of everyone’s effort in this photo… except the bride… she needs to work on jumping… at last Raj got an inch off the ground!

And so the dancing began. Seriously, June ran aroudn the building singing “Let it GooooOOOOoooooo!”


So I SWORE that I would never make a wedding cake again… it’s tough stuff.

So we did cupcakes & a fake show cake… Did I just ruin it for you? Maybe I’ll show you how to make your own fake wedding cake…. if you ask nicely.

A wedding with a bride from America and a groom from India (as well as guests from around the world) deserves a globe guest book, right?

Someone found the chocolate fountain…. at least she didn’t get into it BEFORE walking down the aisle.

I’m so sad I didn’t take more photos of this set up… seriously!

Aren’t they so cute together?

I just have to end with this one though…. haha!

So many people pulled together to make this a super special day. It was a ton of work,but SO worth it. Cheers to the happy couple!

BTW, congrats on making it to the end of the post. That was a long one!

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  1. Nudy nie ma says:

    Wow! This place! And the pictures! Everything was just perfect!!!!!

  2. jliz89 says:

    Beautiful! Love your posts 🙂 And that globe-signing idea is adorable <3

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love all of these pictures! Looks like it was a great location

  4. Jessica says:

    Beautiful–you are very talented!!

  5. atypicalmom says:

    Nice photo of my handsome son Silas, and Junie!

  6. Becky says:

    A wedding filled with beauty and love – so wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us!

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