DIY Fabric Sharpie Farmhouse Fall Pillows + Freebie Lettering Template

DIY Fabric Sharpie Farmhouse Fall Pillows + Freebie Lettering Template

It’s my birthday this weekend, and I was able to have a calm before the storm. It’s been a crazy month with house showings, home inspections, and getting ready to pack up & move this month. I just wanted to enjoy my house & life before all the change. One thing that I did this last week was create some pretty pillows to brighten up our bedroom with some DIY fall inspired pillows.

So first off, I put together some phrases I wanted to go on the pillows. I prefer designing the quote on paper instead of free handing it on the fabric. That way I can adjust the design & get the spacing just right. I’m actually offering a printable version of these if you want to use the same design to make your own pillow. The link to the download is below.

After printing off the design, I taped the piece of paper up on a window. The more sunlight behind the paper, the better your transfer will be.

I picked up these reusable pillow covers from Amazon. They are awesome becuase they not only relatively inexpensive, but I can switch them out for blank ones, or create more pillowcases for other seasons.

I taped the pillow case over my printed word art, and traced the lettering with a pencil.

Next I placed the pillowcase over a smooth board to act as a smooth surface & act as a barrier to prevent the ink from bleeding through.

I used a sharpie fabric marker from Michaels to trace over the lettering. Tip: Always off load your pen on some paper before using it on fabric for the first time. Mine started bleeding on the letter “C” becuase it was brand new.

I traced the lettering out a couple times until I got a nice, consistent thick line.

The marker didn’t say to set it with heat afterwards, but I went over it a couple times with my iron.

Ta-da! I haven’t tried washing them yet, but so far they have held up perfectly!

I think I need to make a lot more pillows in this style.

It’s so much more cost effective than buying new pillows ever time I get the urge to redecorate.

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