A Very Merry Christmas Kitchen – Holiday Home Series

Hey everyone! ready for some more Holiday Home Inspiration?! Today I am sharing how to bring a subtle flair of Christmas into your kitchen.

Kitchens are the heart of winter… When I think Christmas, I think family. When I think family, I think food… and I LOVE food. Making it, entertaining with it, eating it. It’s all good in my book.

So this Christmas I wanted to bring the decorating into my kitchen. Having a big heaping chalkboard wall just called for some Christmas Hand Lettering, so that’s where I started.

I love to bake, and I seriously think my chocolate chip cookies are one of the biggest factors in my husband marrying me. Not even kidding. With that said, I keep a lot of flour and sugar in stock, and I like to keep it out on the counter in glass canisters.

My Vintage Marquee Light already screams Christmas, but I decided to add some pallet gingerbread houses to our kitchen island, and I snuck a christmas sign in the hutch.

Christmas is all about Jesus, and I want my little ones to understand that. I remember playing with my parent’s nativity growing up, and I really wanted to hand that tradition and memory down to my kiddos. Silas and I made them together. He used the jig saw to create blocks, and I painting the nativity characters on them.

June and Jason love them!

The gingerbread houses are also something I did with June. Let’s just say we haven’t had a good track record with actual gingerbread houses. These ones were much easier (and less messy!) Lol.

I like to keep my cooking utensils up on the counter, and my dish towels in a bucket. They look so good up against subway tile.

I totally made a hot cocoa bar on my bookshelf, and I am obsessed with how cute it is!

I totally redid last year’s garland over my door again this year. It’s so easy to make, and looks way prettier than anything store bought.

For this one, I just tied wires around the stems to connect the branches.

I have had this big pallet frame sitting in my garage for several months. It was actually an instagram sign I made for a wedding last summer. Now that it served it’s purpose, I wanted to reuse it in our home. I thought it would look amazing on our back door, so I repainted it, cut a wreath hanger to lay flat against the frame, and added some velcro to command strips to keep it from banging around.

I also made a few more Christmas signs to scatter throughout our house, like this “Better Not Pout” one.

And here’s a watercolor Christmas Tree I painted that says “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

To be truthful, I normally have pots and pans drying on my counter, but for the sake of my blog, I took off my dish drying rack so everything could look pretty in photos for you all. Haha!

So there you have it! A sneak peek into my clean kitchen! (As in “clean when I took these photos!”)

I have one more room to share with you and then I will be flooding you with Christmas tutorials all month!


Arrow Light: Vintage Marquee Light

Buckets: Better Home & Gardens | Walmart

Mugs: Rae Dunn | TJ Maxx

Baskets: Homegoods

Flour Canisters: Walmart & Target

thank you for stopping by!

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