A Mini House Tour

Today I thought I would do a quick “home tour” post. I don’t think I’ve really ever shown you guys my home room by room. It’s a really small house, which I love becuase it’s easier to clean and keep up compared to some of the larger houses I have lived in. Right now as I am writing this, it is a total mess- so don’t let the clean photos trick you! My kids have dumped every toy they own all over the floor… and I am just holding out until their bedtime to put everything away (my husbands advice)

Anyways, here is my house (when it’s clean!) one little square at a time:

Master Bedroom:

This little door leads to our Master Bathroom, which we redid as soon as we moved in. I’ll have to take photos of it one of these days- but it is so tiny and has no natural light.

If you turn the opposite way from the wall you just saw, you will see our bed and my swoon worthy floor length mirror.

I like to keep everything as bright and white as possible, so we use sheers for our curtains.

On both sides of our bed we have some adorable pallet nightstands that we built. You can see the plans and tutorial for them HERE.

To the other side of our bed we have another mirror and a storage bench we built.

My favorite thing in our room is this DIY Tufted Drop Cloth Headboard I made. It has a few ascetic quirks, but I LOVE it. And you can’t beat spending only $40 to make it. You can see the tutorial on how I made it HERE.

My other favorite corner of the room has our bootcamp love letter artwork. Other than the romantic nature of it, I think I love it so much because of the texture it brings.

June’s Room:

Recently we added shutters to both sides of her window, and replaced her nightstand with a desk.

These cute collapsible tents go tucked between the wall and the dresser when not used.

The other day we heard a commotion happening in June’s room (aka Jason riding his toy car in her room) and June yelled “Mom! Jason knocked down your teepee!” Hahaha! She’s calling me out!

Jason’s Room:

Jason’s room is the most calming space ever- I mean breath of fresh air, anyone?

I am so happy I finally was able to print some of my watercolors and frame them.

Our Living Space:

My desk area is constantly evolving due to computers getting shuffled on and off of it. It’s usually a tangle of cords when I’m working on photoshop stuff. It was actually our first furniture build together.

Our living room is another area that is always changing. Basically, we live in this room. So it gets a bit messy in here. Lol.

And then there is my lovely barn door hutch and my kitchen island. Sigh. Both of these babies have a special place in my heart, and I have been known to spontaneously go up and hug them….. I mean, look at that natural wood gorgeousness!

And then we have The Kitchen:

I like to hoard my vintage blue bottles on this little shelf we built to enclose the fridge.

My chalkboard wall usually has drawings of giraffes and/or Rapunzel’s tower…

And the subway is everything I dream about! So pretty.

Our house isn’t everyone’s Happily Ever After, but it is perfect for our family in the stage we are at now. Someday I want to buy a farmhouse, but until that happens, I will be joyfully making my life pretty wherever I live.

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Michael and Amanda

    November 4th, 2016 at 3:21 am

    Your whole house is swoon worthy! Especially that mirror. Any chance you made that? I feel the same about keeping it bright and white. Sheer curtains wherever I can get away with it!

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