$100 Target Gift Card

I’ve teamed up with some other wonderful bloggers to put together a $100 Gift Card Giveaway!
Entering is simple, just complete the entries listed below in the rafflecopter below and you are all set to go!
Have fun! πŸ™‚
Enter to win!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hannah!

    I found you through Pinterest! Well, it started with an email from Pinterest and I clicked a link, then I saw cool fonts, and found you and came over to read your blog. I was excited to look to the right of your blog and see a girls name June, just like me! Is that your daughter's name? It's beautiful! πŸ™‚

    What would I buy with the Target gift certificate? Groceries to get me to the first of the month and cat food for Butterscotch my adopted Kitty who refuses to come inside and something to remember Gods faithfulness.

    God Bless

  2. Melanie Fee says:

    This mama REALLY needs some new clothes! * Jammy pants, Target has the best comfy jammies!

  3. abbiejo says:

    What would I buy with a $100? Clothes probably! πŸ™‚

  4. I would buy clothes. a new pair of shoes, and food. Or Christmas presents for my family.

  5. I would definitely use it to buy stuff for college. That thing gets expensive!

  6. I think if I won I would get started buying Christmas presents for my family.(:

  7. I have no idea because I've never been to Target but me and my boyfriend are visiting the states soon so we hope to go there haha! :)))) awesome giveaway ^__^ xxx

  8. I love Target & get almost everything there! I hope I win, that would be a huge help to my family!!! Fingers crossed!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Maggie says:

    Probably buy Christmas gifts for family(:

  10. Grace Vivian says:

    Yayy! Awesome giveaway, Hannah! Hope I win!! ;P

  11. GailD says:

    I'm expecting my first baby in January! If I won, I would totally buy my baby bedding with the gift card!!! I need it soooo badly!!! πŸ™‚

  12. GailD says:

    If I win, I would totally use the gift card to buy my baby bedding at Target! I'm expecting my first baby (a girl!) this January! πŸ™‚ xoxo

  13. Marcia Lee says:

    I would put it towards Christmas gifts for my grandchildren & 2 nieces.

  14. Cheryl says:

    I'd buy a new coffee machine – one of those that would make a single serving at a time so it'd be fresh-tasting every time I wanted a cup.

  15. Sarah G says:

    I'm needing a new pair of boots since my old ones are completely thrashed. πŸ˜‰

  16. Awesome contest! Love your blog content!

  17. I would buy a comfy new sweater!

  18. Katharine says:

    I would buy a new items for both my own as well as my boyfriend's wardrobe as we start our new careers!

  19. Chelsie says:

    I would buy clothes for my husband and I. A wardrobe update is much needed.

  20. Lindsey says:

    I would spend partial on Halloween supplies, and partial on a bike for my daughter! And I need a new nursing bra, so that would have to squeeze into the same shopping trip! πŸ™‚

  21. Vasti Walsh says:

    I would go couponing. Target has so many ways to save, it's crazy.

  22. Penny J says:

    Organizing stuff for my new home

  23. awesome giveaway! Going crazy thinking about all the fun baby stuff $100 could buy πŸ˜‰

  24. Kristin says:

    I would liek a new rug for our living room! Fingers crossed =)

  25. I would get a head start on Christmas shopping. My boys are in love with Thomas & Friends, so I'd be picking up some trains!

  26. Keara Haley says:

    Love your blog! Would get some organizing and decorating supplies with that gift card! =]

  27. Anonymous says:

    I would buy craft supplies and makeup and food for my college dorm room!

  28. Mariah Desatoff says:

    I would buy a pair of brown riding boots that I have wanted forever & Christmas gifts for my 3 kiddos!

  29. rfboyd says:

    I would use it to buy Christmas for my Grandbabies..

  30. Lane says:

    What would I buy? I love target…….. winter clothes…books…craft stuff <3

  31. Brandilyn says:

    Christmas shopping!! New reader to your blog, it is SO cute.

  32. S Patterson says:

    I would treat myself to whatever I wanted! Target has so many great things!!

  33. ash says:

    stationery, nate berkus stuff, i was just there and they had so much great stuff.

  34. Kelly says:

    I would buy Christmas gifts… something lavish for my dad!

  35. Unknown says:

    Hi Hannah,
    I follow you religiously on Pinterest and your Instagram.
    Thinking of your family, and send blessings to you thinking of the sacrifice your husband and yourself are making for our country. Thank you

  36. C Maybush says:

    I would buy Simply Shabby Chic Bedding, new workout clothes to motivate me to go to the gym, cute storage bins to motivate me to get organized and some Pumpkin Spice M&Ms πŸ™‚

  37. Sarah says:

    I would probably buy something boring but necessary, like dish soap and toilet paper πŸ™‚

  38. ewflc says:

    Thank goodness for all of the men and women who continue to live their lives in service to the freedom of our country! – As for the gift card, I would buy essentials like food and trash bags. I'm that poor, haha.

  39. I would buy a comforter set. Our house is so cold!

  40. Anonymous says:

    What would I do with the $100 Target gift card? In all honesty I would be greedy just this once and put it toward some new jeans and tops from this baby weight I'm losing. After two kids back to back I finally am losing some weight and NOTHING fits me right now, everything is so baggy. lol The boys Christmas gifts are taken care of already, so why not treat mommy:)

  41. i'm a sucker for their bathroom goodies. they also have good organizational stuff. oh…and their smith and hawkin's line! and…and…oh the possibilities!

  42. i'd buy an ice cream maker.

  43. Thank you so very much for sharing your art! You are greatly appreciated!

  44. Jessica Stier says:

    Target has everything… so what would I buy? Oh gosh, a ton of almond milk (they have the best prices!), ground coffee (I'm in college!), booze (I'm in college!!!) and some new forks (all of mine are 3 years old and are beaking)

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