DIY Ammo Can Diaper Box

I wanted to do something fun & creative for diaper storage for Jason’s nursery.

When I decided to do a vintage USMC theme in the space, I got the idea to use an ammo can. It probably sounds weird to some people, but I thought it would be a great statement piece. And get it: Ammo- Diapers? Diapers are certainly a mom’s ammo. Haha!

I couldn’t find one for less than $20… and then I remembered that I had the right paint color & lots of boards left over from his airplane. So I got my build on & grabbed some supplies.

These are the basic cuts I made for the box. I decided to keep it open, rather than having a lid.

I screwed the corners together by using corner braces. It was super easy.

Don’t mind the yellowish photos, most my projects take place at night… thus the ugly colored photos.

Since we used shelving boards, we screwed the base and lower edges together as well.

I painted it using grey & green paint, and then hand lettered the wording on.

It’s much better than having a bag or box of diapers laying around. To refill I just push the plastic holding the diapers down.

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