Hello friends! Today is the day! On this beautiful second day of fall the kids and I harvested most of our pumpkins from our garden! Those of you who keep up with my blog know that we almost lost all of them to the hurricane a couple weeks back (all the small ones fell off […]

Hello Friends! I’ve been getting lots of questions and requests for a tutorial on how I do my “faux” chippy barnwood paint technique on my pallet frames. Yes you heard me correctly- they aren’t real antiques or even real reclaimed barnwood! Shock, I know! But with three little ones, I am not wanting to risk lead […]

Hello Friends! I am writing this as we are preparing to return to our sweet little farmhouse after being displaced from Hurricane Florence. I don’t know what we will be driving back to, or how damaged our beautiful costal Carolina communities will be, but I feel like this season has taught me to be grateful. […]

We Gather Together To Ask The Lord’s Blessing… Hello everyone. I had planned on sharing this sweet farmhouse kitchen/dining room fall autumn tour today with you all today. Everything in it’s place… just how I like to keep my house… and completely decked out with some gorgeous orange pumpkins my husband bought me for my birthday… […]

Faith is something I learned a lot about last year. God really put it on my heart not to worry about ANYTHING. And by anything He means ANYTHING. Big or small. I had a LOT of worries last year, and felt crushed by the fears of “what if.” But once I started having faith, the […]

It’s that time of year… I know some of you are holding on hard to summer, but I’m over here waving goodbye while falling head over heels into fall! Get ready for pumpkin everything!!! Today I have the sweetest fall farmhouse neutral fall decor for you all. You all know how much I love my white […]

Hi friends! Who’s ready for this month’s free starry night printable adult Van Gogh style coloring sheet printable?! I’m so in love with the movement in this piece. It really reminds me of the swirling skies Van Gogh painted. And now you can mimic his style with a little bit of help from the guidelines on […]

Who’s ready for the newest greeting card in my watercolor calendar bundle series? Today’s freebie is a gorgeous starry night printable greeting card. If you want to see more of my watercolor greeting cards, you can check them out here. This Download is totally free to all email newsletter subscribers of We Lived Happily Ever After. […]

Who’s ready for some new free watercolor forest/nature desktop screensavers?! These beauties are the perfect backgrounds for your ipPhone, iPad, iMac, desktop, laptop or mobile device. This Download is totally free to all email newsletter subscribers of We Lived Happily Ever After. Not a member yet? See my steps below to join. HOW TO DOWNLOAD: […]

Happy Free Watercolor Printable day! Today’s painting is a gorgeous Van Gogh like scenic portrait of a starry night sky. There is so much movement in it, and I am honestly kind of obsessed with this free watercolor. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I loved painting it! I want to share […]