So for the past few months since moving, I have been using my DIY to create a budget friendly, renter friendly, and military mobile bedroom for June. And FYI: almost EVERYTHING in this room was made by me. I love DIY. You may have seen my earlier version of this room from when I moved […]

August 29, 2014

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all feeling better than I have been. Although, I can’t complain because I love feeling my little baby moving around… and I am officially in my second trimester as of today! YAY! Want to know a little secret? The husband and I are looking for a fixer upper. We actually found one […]

August 25, 2014

Sooooo… I am making it public now!  We are expecting baby # 2 here in the Hathaway Household! As excited as I am, so far this pregnancy has been SO much harder than when I had June. And I was so intent that this time around, I would be the fittest, most healthy mommy, which […]

August 20, 2014

Good Morning Everyone!  As promised, here are the watercolor printables I used from Wednesday’s tutorial (HERE!) Want to hear something funny? When I was originally drafting this printable, it was late at night and I wrote “Wild of Heart” instead of “Wild at Heart.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Wild of Heart, so I changed […]

August 15, 2014

Hello Everyone! I’m so happy you are here! I would love it if you followed along on Pinterest and Instagram to keep up with my most recent projects and sneak peaks. Today, I wanted to share this lovely¬†printable¬†I made… and then I was like, “Forget the printable! I NEED to show them how to make […]

August 13, 2014

Affiliate links are included in this post. But all opinions are my own, because I only promote things that I love and think you will love too. Today I am teaming up with my friends over at Graphic Stock to bring you more fun freebies for your digital designs! If you haven’t seen the other […]

August 8, 2014

Why hello! I’m so thrilled you are visiting today! My almost three year old, June, LOVES playing with duplos. But she only had a few, so the husband and I wanted to get her more. But I did’t feel like dishing out $30 on a bunch of ugly colored legos… okay, I think they are […]

August 5, 2014

Hello everyone! I am on a color trend right now! Here are some super pretty & new graphics for you all, and they are Free for Personal Use, as always! If you are planning on using them commercially, or for branding, please purchase my commercial licence HERE. Also, please read my terms of use in […]

August 1, 2014