1. Forever | Quilline Script Thin 2. Head Over Heels | Soft Script 3. Hello | Signerica Fat 4. Beautiful | Lavanderia 5. Chocolate | Magnolia  6. Baby | DK Carte Blanche 7. Kiss | Magic Kiss 8. Flowers | Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen 9. Pink | Dawning of a New Day 10. Ever After | […]

January 31, 2014

I have a really exciting announcement today! Ever since starting my blog two years ago, I was able to take my art to the next level and branch out into digital design & graphics. I loved all the free font lists that I would find on pinterest, and that gave me the idea to give […]

January 29, 2014

I’ve been having so much fun working on digital graphics lately. It’s helped me keep busy while my husband is gone. I am a huge advocate for quality over quantity, which is why my main focus is making something both beautiful & useful. I can’t wait to put up some of my creations using my […]

January 24, 2014

I can’t wait to stop living out of a box and be able to work on all the “homebased” projects I’ve been longing to try out! I am am obsessed with browsing DIY home decor websites like Dear Lillie, Shanty 2 Chic, Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, and Vintage Revivals. They are all such talented ladies! […]

January 22, 2014

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well. My life is crazy right now because I am in the middle of both MY move and helping MY PARENT’S move. And the crazy thing is that I’ll be living out of a box for the next two months (just be March already please!) I don’t have […]

January 17, 2014

Chalkboard are all the rage now days thanks to Pinterest.  I am no exception to the craze, illustrated by the fact that I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to “Everything Chalkboard.”  The number one thing that people have asked me to do a tutorial on is how to create chalkboard printables. This tutorial has been a […]

January 16, 2014

1. Contribute | AlwaysHere 2. EcuyerDAX | Caviar Dreams 3. English Essay | Peach Sundress 4. Riesling | Quilline Script Thin 5. Freebooter Script | Champagne & Limousines 

January 10, 2014

2013 is finished, and I am ready for a beautiful & fun new year! Today I am sharing the Top 10 Most Popular Printable, Graphic, and Font Posts from 2013. I shared My Top 6 Most Popular Crafts yesterday, so make sure to check them out too! 1. The Very Best 16 Chalk Fonts  2. […]

January 8, 2014

2013… what an interesting year! Honestly it was super crazy for my family due to my husband being gone for the whole year while he finished his training for the USMC (you can read about all that HERE) While it was really stressful at times, I was able to invest that time into my blog […]

January 7, 2014

Today I have a guest post from Mandee at Designs By Miss Mandee. If you love free fonts, graphics, and printables then you need to head on over to visit her adorable blog! So without further adieu, here are the free downloads she is sharing with us today! A fancy border or little flourish can […]

January 3, 2014