DIY Styled Boho Beach Bachelorette

My sweet sister in law got married a couple weeks ago, and in addition to bringing two car loads of supples from my house 12+ hours to use for the wedding, we decided to throw her a surprise bachelorette/lingerie party with all my supples- on the BEACH!

Setting this thing up was like the equivalent of Christmas Morning to me. When I was planning it, I couldn’t fall asleep because I was just WAY too excited. My poor husband thinks I am over the top sometimes, but my creative spirit just can’t help it. My heart is fueled by creating beauty.

Most of the supplies we used where things I was already using for the wedding. When we got to the beach, one of my other SIL’s and I just lugged a very full rubbermaid 1 mile onto the beach, until we found the perfect spot. We must have looked insane. LOL!

I knew fresh flowers where a must, so we grabbed some from Stop & Shop, along with some fresh tree branches. One tip I have for flower arrangements it to mix in realistic fake ones (like the big ones on the Teepee) with fresh greenery and real flowers (buds and all.) And no one be the wiser.

The beach had some cute wild flowers too which I grabbed for a little bouquet.

If you find rose petals scattered all over the beach, there is a good chance that they are from us! Lol.

Seriously, everyone should have a styled beach party at least one time in their life. If you can find a semi “deserted” plot on the beach that is… we where lucky and did this one on the state beach the weekend before they started charging for parking. 🙂

I expected a few weird looks from the few people on the beach, but I didn’t expect anyone to ask if we were making a memorial for someone, especially with this very obvious chalkboard sign. Lol!

It’s fun to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. I am all for making beautiful memories, even though others may stare a whisper while I’m setting up.

We loved surprising the sweet bride to be, Grace. It was so worth it to see the look on her face. I think we successfully one upped the bachelor party!

The weather was perfect too.

She even wore something that went with the decor. #notevenplanned

We kept the food simple. Chocolate bars, strawberries, chips, and pink lemonade.

I find that bag very perfect for this bachelorette, considering the name of my blog.

We grabbed these jewel colored cups while running out the door of my inlaws. Seriously, it’s cool how things sometimes just work out last minute. It’s all about keeping our eyes open for potential.

The teepee was actually just three pallet support boards I put in our car for sign posts for the wedding, and tooling that was left over from my wedding. Between my sister’s & my wedding. I tell my mom that we should start a “wedding rental box” thing. Like seriously.

It’s so nice to be able to share wedding supplies with friends and family who are planning weddings & events, especially since I am a very budget conscious person & spent less than $5K on my wedding.

Back to the party though, the girls grabbed some Crazy Burger in Narraganset RI & we all had a fun little beach picnic.

Seriously, I LOVE the ocean. It makes even the simplest of decor look STUNNING. I think, if I could do it again, I would have wanted a beach wedding. But hey, pinterest wasn’t even around when I got married. But I did pick the right guy, which counts. 😉

Seriously, one of the best days ever.

A couple people asked me if I had bachelorette tips, so here are a few:
-You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a fun party. Want to know a secret? Other than the gifts everyone brought & takeout, this little party cost $35 because I just used things I already had.

-On that note, don’t be afraid to DIY, and reuse decor and things you are already using in the wedding.

-Get matching shirts, crowns, something fun to wear as a group. I can’t believe it, but I forgot to bring the lace mermaid crown I was going to have the bride wear.

-Make it a fancy event. This one depends on the bride, but to me, a bachelorette is something you should get prettied up for.

-When it comes to food, skip a sit down a restaurant and get local favorites & bring them to a fun location. Some ideas we had where donuts, ice cream, cheesecake, etc.

-Grab fresh flowers. They are good for the soul. Believe me. 🙂

-Do something the bride likes before hand. The other bridesmaids took her out for Volley Ball while I was setting up. The activity can be anything: getting manis & pedis before the wedding, shopping for her honeymoon, etc.

-We personally aren’t into bars & clubs, so we skipped the drinking & still had a ton of fun. But I really wanted to bring some Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade, because they are pink! Haha!

-Combine it with lingerie shower. The beach was actually perfectly private for such a scandalous party becuase we did that part when the sun was setting.  I wanted to do an underwear banner though… didn’t get to it though. 😉

-Don’t be afraid the unplanned: Some of us too a spontaneous walk, took pictures together, and a couple even ran into the water (even though is was way too cold by my standards!)

So that’s it for now.

Can’t wait to share Grace’s wedding, which took place 4 days after this! I am seriously still exhausted.

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Kat Lange

    June 7th, 2016 at 2:40 am

    SO simple yet stunning. Love it.

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