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Hey guys! Most of you know that my husband is in the United States Marines. I’m so proud of him for all he does for our country. And I am so glad that our children will have had this experience, and be able to look back down the road and know that their daddy served our nation. I hope they remember all the airplanes, tanks and cool stuff on base. I was always in awe of the military growing up, and would always think it was so cool to see caravans pass by on the highway. 
I love this chapter in our life, but it’s also a scary one. I don’t know how we will handle a deployment. I know that we will pull through, when the time comes, but my biggest concern is for my kids.
June was 1 when Silas left for bootcamp, and he was gone for the next 15 months of her life. That was really hard for her not to have two parents, and the thought of going through that sort of separation again, with two kids, makes my heart cringe.
My grandpa was in the navy while all of his nine kids were growing up… and somehow my grandma survived, so two kids is probably a cake walk compared to that. Lol! 
One wonderful way to help the kids understand what deployment is to get them a book about it. I came across “Goodnight Marines” and fell instantly in love. It’s the perfect way to teach little ones about their daddy’s or mommy’s job serving in the military.

Goodnight Marines is an illustrated book intended to be a fun, educational, and unique way for parents serving in the Marines to connect with their kids.
It has stunning illustrations by a former Desert Storm Vet & Disney artist, Phil Jones. And it is written by Major David Dixon of the USMC. 
My kids LOVE it! Especially Jason. It goes wonderfully with his USMC themed room (HERE), btw. 🙂
I know there are a lot of fellow military mama’s who read my blog, so I am actually going to do a little giveaway of the book on Facebook. Just go HERE to enter by leaving a comment about your favorite part of Marine Corps family life & follow Goodnight Marines on Facebook. A winner will be picked at random, and receive a signed copy of the book.
You can find the book on Amazon HERE.
This is not a sponsored post. The author sent me the book free of charge and I wanted to share it with you all. I only share things I love & think you would too!

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Keshia Shea

    March 27th, 2016 at 3:49 am

    super cute book!! Do you know if they have something similar for the army???

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