Snowflake Clip Art Freebies

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Here are 13 Adorable Snowflake Graphics Freebies from Graphic Stock for you all! 
I used them in yesterday’s freebie, and I am IN LOVE!!!!

They all come in different sizes and colors, but I used a clipping mask to make them all white, and for my freebie snowflake banner I added a pretty ink texture to them to make them uniform.
If you aren’t already a member, you can still get these graphics as a freebie using a 7 Day Totally Free Trial where you can download 20 images per day, and keep them even if you decided not to continue the trial. And they are royalty free! 
If you want to just go ahead and sign up for a membership without the free trial, I have a 80% off discount code for you HERE. 

This post was sponsored by Graphic Stock, and affiliate links are included. All opinions are my own, because I only promote things that I love and think you will love too! 🙂

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