How to Make a Watercolor Printable in Photoshop + Free Horse Printable

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Today I have a super cute watercolor digital design tutorial for you, and the most adorable free printable you ever did see!

To create our watercolor artwork we need to open up a graphic. I picked a simple silhouette one found here. Make sure the graphic is transparent around the silhouette. Make sure your canvas is the size of your print, at 300 dpi & in CYMK as your color mode. All this will ensure that our print will be as high quality as possible.
Next, layer a texture over the graphic. For this print I used a watercolor texture. Cover up the whole graphic.
Now create a clipping mask. To do this, hold down ALT and hover over the line between the layers you want to use the clipping mask on. Make sure the texture is on the layer on top of the graphic.
Press save. We could just stop here, or we could continue for a super cool effect.
For an even more realistic, hand painted look, open your image up into the Waterlogue App on your phone/mobile device.
I just used the “dark” filter on mine, so the watercolor feel would really pop. Save it as a large image.
Such a gorgeous effect that you can use as wall decor!
The graphics I used for these ones can be found at Graphic Stock HERE, and the watercolor texture is from my creative market watercolor pack HERE.
To download the horse graphic, you can download these graphics using a 7 Day Totally Free Trial where you can download 20 images per day, and keep them even if you decided not to continue the trial. And they are royalty free!
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  1. Christie Mashburn

    October 20th, 2016 at 12:52 am

    I tried to sign up for the 7 day free trial, but there was no option for a trial. Am I missing something?

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