DIY Gold Geometric Baby Mobile | Part 2: The Frame

Hey again! Today I have the second tutorial on how to make a baby mobile. To see the whole reveal of Jason’s industrial nursery, go HERE. All the projects from this space can be found at the bottom of this post.

Go HERE to see part 1 (how to make the clay star beads!!!)

This DIY Gold Geo Baby mobile that was made out of straws- yes, you heard that right, STRAWS! Geometric Frames like this one go for like $70 at places like Urban Outfitters. I made mine for the cost of some cheap straws and spray paint… so like $65 cheaper… YAY!

A few tips:

Tie off each triangle as you go.

Use a needle for easy threading.

1. Cut off the bendy edges of the plastic straws if needed.

2. String three of them together with strong thread or yarn to make a triangle.

3. Create an upside down triangle using two more straws and string it together with the first one.

4. Repeat with the other side of the original triangle.

5. Add an additional triangle.

6. Connect the other triangles with one more straw.

7. Add “star” points to the edges of the hexagon shape.

8. Connect each point making 5 more upright triangles.

9. Now you need to add 5 straws to the center of the bottom un-connected corners.

10. You may be overwhelmed by all those steps and thinking, “That’s the LAST STRAW!” but you are right, it was the last straw! lol! We Are DONE!!! There you have it! TA-DA!

If it’s hard to wrap your brain around just think of it as adding triangles together (that share sides) until you don’t need any more to make it complete. It may look intimidating and make you head swirl looking at so many steps, but I promise, it’s way easier when you are doing it.

I went through the frame with an extra strong thread to reinforce it, just to be on the safe side since I was using it for a baby mobile. 🙂

If you want yours to be gold (or colorful!) you can spray paint it. I used gold for mine. For even coverage, use short, light bursts, instead of drenching it in one coat.If you need more help with these steps, check out THIS tutorial which I was super inspired by.

Super cuuuuute, right?

At first I wasn’t even sure how, or even if I would include this statement piece. I just knew I loved the thought of it. So I went with my gut & then had the idea to make it into a baby mobile.

I probably like it more than Jason does though. Haha!

See the matching star garland on the window? Yep. I’m all about matchy-matchy.

When making something to go above your baby’s crib, please make sure it will be out of reach, securely attached, and void of any choking hazards. It is recommended NOT to use strings longer than 7″ on your mobile. See this post HERE for more safety tips. We want to keep our lovely, cuddly babies safe!!!

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