DIY Pallet Wreath for all seasons!

Hey everyone! I have a fun tutorial for you today using a tool that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for years: The Dremel Micro 8050! This baby is perfect for detailed carving on glass, stone, and wood. I had a pile of pallet boards just waiting to be made into something pretty. I wanted to make an “all seasons” wreath to go above my fireplace for Christmas. The fireplace part didn’t work out because the short-sale we were buying fell through, but the sign turned out awesome!

First, line up your pallet boards into a square.

Using two 1×2″ boards, screw the boards together from the back of your pallet sign.

I didn’t cut all my boards the same length off the bat, so I trimmed off the uneven edges using a circular saw. Then I sectioned off my pallet into four parts and sketched out my wreath pattern using some chalk. (You all know how much I love drawing Wreaths, right? Check out my wreath graphics HERE, HERE and HERE)

Now get carving! I preferred using the high speed setting for the cleanest carvings. It’s easiest to use the tool going in a “clockwise” motion. Just hold your hand steady so it doesn’t slip and mark up you board where you don’t want it too (which happened to me several times! :P)

My favorite tip for carving, was the 117 Tip, shown above. It wasn’t included in the Micro 8050 kit, so I had to purchase this tip separately, but it did the best job carving deep into the pallet wood, resulting in clean edges.

Once you are done carving, you can go over any rough edges with the sanding tip. If you want your carving to “pop” more, you can always add a slight white wash of white paint and water to the crevices. I used this technique because my multicolored wood was already so light, and I wanted all the carved sections to have a consistent appearance.

Using mounting tape, I attached my JOY letters to the middle of the pallet wreath.

I got the letters from Walmart for about $1 a piece, and I textured them with a white oil based sharpie from Staples.

And you are done! I love how user-friendly the Dremel is. It is so convenient to use on outside projects because it’s cordless, and it has so many great tips which you can switch out depending on your project.

I put my pallet wreath sign above my DIY’ed nightstand ottomans (HERE), and next to my chalkboard (HERE)

I LOVE love LOVE the way the rustic wood looks, and I really like how this whole project turned out. It would look awesome on top of a fireplace mantel (sob!) but I can’t wait to put it up in our new home, which is scheduled to close just before Christmas!

Thank you Dremel for creating such a great DIY tool!

Have a lovely day everyone.

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