How To Make Your Own Decorative Arrows!

Why hello everyone! If you have been following my blog for a while, you will have noticed that I have a crush on arrows. (see HERE, HERE, and HERE for starters!)

I knew that I wanted to incorporate some in June’s Room ( see the full reveal HERE) but I also knew that I wanted to design them from scratch.

After searching without luck for colorful feathers for the arrows, I decided to make my own out of paper and watercolors. And guess what? I’m going to share those watercolor feathers with you in printable format tomorrow!UPDATE: See post HERE for the feather printables.

I had been hording a bunch of paint sticks, and I figured that since paint sticks are such soft wood, they would work as arrow heads, and would be great for carving details onto.

I started dutifully carving away with a steak knife, and my husband came into the room and gave me the “What new crazy thing are you doing now” look… haha… and then he said, “You know, we have a razor blade…” I have such a brilliant husband you all! He sweetly sat down with me and helped me finish caving the arrow heads.

Lesson Learned: Use a razor blade ya’ll.

Look at the nice little details in this arrow head!

They all need some sort of opening/groove to attach to your dowels. I used 3/4″ dowels from Walmart. I think they are like 20 cents each.

I didn’t want all my arrow heads to be anorexic, so I doubled up some paint sticks to make a fuller arrow head. After I glued it together, I added some wood putty to the edges to make it look seamless.

I wanted them all to be different. It’s so fun to come up with your own unique designs!

Now you just need to paint your arrows.

I used grey acrylic paint, and added some watered down black paint into all the detailed areas to make them pop.

Next I used my stash of washi to attach my colorful feathers to the dowels. When cutting your paper feathers, don’t be afraid to add imperfect slices into the feather; it’s what makes them look real.

I wrapped the arrows together with twine in a crisscross manner.

The letters are made from washi tape.

This “compass” is the perfect art for above her reading nook.

I also added an arrow to her door too! They are so cute!

Make sure to stop by tomorrow for the free printables so you can make your own arrows too!

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Lo @ a LO and behold life

    September 24th, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    super cute! I too find myself with a recent obsession with arrows. thanks for sharing!

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