My Color Theme & Some Quick Upcycled Pottery

Ready for the first project post in this series? You bet I am! Check out the reveal HERE!
I hate clutter. I think I am becoming more of a “minimalist” every day. Hey, less stuff means less stuff to clean up, right? I love it when everything looks planned and purposeful in a home. To achieve this, design-wise, you should base your designs off of 3 color tones. By doing this, you will give your space a really great flow. Not to say you can’t have other colors, but try to focus on just a few.

 In this space, I choose two neutral tones (white and gold/beige) and one loud “fun” color (teal). Because we are renting, Silas and I decided not to paint, which means all our walls are white. But that’s okay, I LOVE white. It makes everything pop! I brought in lots of neutrals with baskets, gold accessories, and the natural wood stain on the desk and shelves. And then I had fun with my large & colorful statement pieces to bring a punch of boldness.
One fun & cheap way to downsize the busyness of a space is to neutralize your mismatching accessories.
I was given this adorable piece of pottery as a gift, and while I loved the shape, I really hated the color. So I decided to revamp it, making it one of my favorite little accessories in my house. 
I was a high gloss piece, so I did sand it slightly. Then I painted it with regular old latex paint. You could use spray paint specifically designed for bonding to glass… but I admit it… I am cheap and used what I had on hand. Since it’s high gloss, the paint will come off if scratched too hard, but that’s okay with me. It isn’t meant to be a functional piece, but I did leave the inside alone, in case I want to use it as a flower vase.
Here it is all pretty and white! *SIGH*
How I love these three items! The teal vase, apple, and basket are from TG MAXX & Homegoods. I love that store!
One last look. I love how simple and dreamy it looks, even if it’s white on white.
What do you think about layering textures and colors?  
If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the WHOLE space HERE!
Can’t wait to share more tutorials with you all! XOXO

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  1. Laura @ Little Bits of Granola

    June 6th, 2014 at 12:42 am

    I love your blog! You have great style. I love upcycles and can't wait to try this with garage sale finds.

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