New Home, New Projects

I haven’t disappeared from blogland, I promise! I’ve just been kidnapped by the ruthless task of “UNPACKING.” 
I wanted to update ya’ll (I can start saying that now that I’m not in New England anymore), here on my blog, on everything I’ve been up to this past week… other than hugging and kissing my husband a lot! Haha! 😉
YOU GUYS. I have SO MANY amazing projects planned for this house. We are really limited in what we can do to the actual place, because we are renting. But I can paint as long as we paint over everything again when we move… So I am super psyched about that!

Our living room is pretty barren… so we are going to tackle that before doing anything else… Then we will probably do June’s room… then some more shelving for the dining room area, and then the master.
We have *almost* finished unpacking… and my kitchen is all set… now I have to put June’s “existing” room together again… and possibly redo some of the projects I did for her when we lived in Florida. Let’s just say the marquee letters (see them HERE) look a little squished. SOB!
 I’m dreading assembling her adorable pink and white teepee (see the project HERE) … just because I cut all the fabric into custom strips, so it’s going to be like putting together a huge puzzle. 
Here is one more shot of my GORGEOUS staircase. I am SO blessed!
We have lots of, ummm, beat up furniture that we have either accumulated as newly-weds (three years still counts as “newly-wed status”, right?) and some of it is hand me down furniture from our parents. I am giving them lots of tender love and care right now. I have two of each of the above chairs, and am in the process of stripping the staples off of the arm chair, and painting & sanding the icky white chairs.
Here I am, getting my paint on, one chair at a time! I hope I don’t get painter’s burnout… obviously, this picture was taken BEFORE I got paint all over the garage floor, despite putting down cardboard. Haha! 
And the thing I am probably MOST excited about: 
We took a trip on Saturday to Lowes to get lots and lots of wood. I am NOT going to leak what all the wood is for… but because I know you want to know, let’s just say I drew a sketch of it… and the sketch is pictured in the second picture in this post… and I will use this item daily for blogging. 😉
This girl is ready to take on the world! Or… at least all the projects in her sketchbook!
I can’t wait to share them with you. So please stay tuned and be patient with me. Blogging this kind of stuff takes so much time, and unlike Martha Stewart, I don’t have a huge editing department! 
Most these pictures are from my instagram feed, so if you want the daily “sneak peaks” of all my projects, make sure to follow along HERE!
Love you all! XOXO

thank you for stopping by!

  1. L.E. Fiore

    April 8th, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    Looks great, Hannah! And yes. lovely staircase. 😀 can't wait to see what amazing and beautiful things you come up with!!!

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