DIY Penguin

Penguins are one of the most lovable and cuddly looking animals ever! I had a friend ask me to make one for her niece. I couldn’t keep the cuteness all to myself, so I am sharing the pattern with you all!

To make your own penguin, you will need:
1. about 1/2 yard black fabric for the Body & Flippers(with thread to match)  
2. 1/4 yard of white fabric for the Body & Flippers (with thread to match)    
3. Less than 1/8 yard of yellow fabric for the Beak Flippers (with thread to match)  
4. Black Felt for Eyes (with thread to match)  
5.  A least one Bag of Poly Fill to stuff your Penguin.

Print and cut out your pattern pieces. Tape Pattern Pieces A & B together, as illustrated above.
Line out your fabric, and cut out two body pieces of each of the following: the Body, the Eyes, the Beak, two Back Flippers, two White Flippers.
Cut four Feet. 
Cut one White Body Part (the one that looks like an M at the top)
And cut one black, and one white tail. 
Also, cut out hearts if you like. I did two, with one slightly larger than the other.
Here are my pieces after they were cut out. 
Here are all the pieces laid out where they are supposed to be.
First, take one of the black body pieces and lay the white body piece on it. Also, place the white flipper pieces on top of each of the black flipper pieces with the fonts facing eachother.
Sew the flipper pieces using a 1/4 ” seam allowance, then turn inside out, leaving the seams inside and away from view.
Now sew the white body piece onto the black body piece. I used a fleece fabric for the white body piece so it wouldn’t fray.  
Now place the other black body piece on top of the black and white one with the fronts facing each other. 
Sew them together leaving a gap all all along the bottom so you can turn it inside out and fill it with fluff.
Now you need to snip a hole down the side for the flippers. Make the hole the width of the flippers.
Now insert the flippers in with the point part facing inwards, and the white part facing the bottom of the penguin body.
Sew together, and then repeat with the other side. Make sure to overlap each of the sewing seams you cut so that they don’t unravel. 
Turn inside out.
Now place two of the yellow feet on top of each other, and sew them together with the fronts facing each other. Turn them inside out.
Fill the feet with fluff.
Use the same sewing and poly fill process used above for the feet for the beak.
Now flip the open flap on the bottom up with the black and white body piece facing up.
Now pin and sew the feet onto the white and black body piece with the toes facing down.
Now fill your penguin with poly fill. 
Then sew the opening together. 
Now sew the tail pieces together, then turn inside out.
Fill it with a little bit of poly fill, and then stitch it onto your penguin.
Now sew your eyes and stuffed beak onto your penguin’s face. 
If you want, add some hearts too!
The End! 😉

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Karyn

    July 5th, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    Hey Hannah! I'm looking for a cat pattern similar to the ones at these links. I'm going to try to adapt your penguin. I let you know how it turns out!

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