Free Baby Penguin Hat Pattern

I am so excited to be sharing my Baby Penguin Hat Pattern with all of you!

When printing each pattern, make sure your printer is set to Scale to Fit. 🙂
If you want to make it bigger to accommodation a child or adult, just increase the pattern pieces by making the main hat piece as wide as half of the circumference of the head.
Cut out Pieces as directed by pattern.
For the Hat: 2 Black Knit Pieces.
For the Beak: 2 Yellow. 
For the White Face: 1 White, non fraying fabric, or White Felt.
For the eyes: 2 Black Felt pieces.
For the Wings: 2 White (same as face) and 2 Black (same as Hat)
Sew the yellow beak pieces together, turn inside out, and then sew facing up on the back side of the white face piece. Flip it over and turn the beak so that it is pointing out.
Sew on the white face on one of the black hat pieces.
Fold up where the pattern pieces say “fold up.” You should do it twice. This creates a band for the hat. 
Flip both fronts of the hat pieces together & match the folds on both of the hat pieces. Pin in place if you want to.
Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Sew wings together. Turn inside out. Sew with the center right under the seam for the hat. 
Hand sew the eyes on!
And there you have it! One adorable Baby Penguin Hat!
Take pictures of your little model! 
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thank you for stopping by!

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