35+ Baby Sewing Tutorials & Ideas {found through pinterest!}

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite Baby Sewing Tutorials! I found most of them through Pinterest.

Who doesn’t have fond memories of sock monkeys made for them by a loved one when growing up? Here is an adorable twist on the concept!

Tutorial found at Knotty Knotty 


Moose Baby Car Seat Cover... on medium blue 

While this adorable Moose Face Car Seat Cover is actually an item sold on Etsy by Kathy Koveleski, you could easily take this concept and apply it to your own homemade version. 

Here is a great tutorial on how to make a regular version of a car seat cover

Check out this ridiculously cute and easy baby headband!

Tutorial found at We Lived Happily Ever After


 Have a pair of baby jeans with holes in the knees? No problem! Turn it into a skirt! I might just have to do this for myself too!  

Tutorial found her at MaryJanes and Galoshes

Bring adorableness to football season with this super cute Football Blanket!

Tutorial at Happy Together

I am in LOVE with this red baby ruffled shirt. What could be more adorable?

Tutorial found at Sewing In No Man’s Land 


Why settle for a rag quilt when you can make it even cute by making it a “puff quilt!”

Tutorial at Make it Love it! 

Here is an adorable take on Baby Blocks- using fabric and Poly Stuffing! 

Tutorial found at Joanns



While this adorable no sew felt poppy was placed on a lampshade, you could use this concept to dress up any baby headband!

Tutorial found at  Positively Splendid

Have you seen those adorable Baby Animal hooded Towels they have now days? Well now you can make your own!

Tutorial found at Crazy Little Projects

no sew DIY baby nylon headband
Not really in to sewing? Try this ridiculously easy headband tutorial using panty hose! (Who would know?)

Tutorial found at Amber May Be


Disposable Diapers can be a budget breaker. But Cloth Diapers can be pricey too. See how, with a little bit of sewing, you can have a wonderful cloth diapering system for under $270.

Tutorial found at We Lived Happily Ever After

While this
isn’t a baby tutorial per say, you can us this brilliant concept to make cute baby headbands!

Tutorial found at Releve Designs

Doesn’t this Hersey Kisses Hat just melt your heart? While the source for this image is actually a place where you can by it (go here, to Sweet Love Creations),  (I just had to post *this one*) below is a tutorial on how to make a variation of this baby hat.

Baby Gifts - The Baylee - Ice Cream Onesie - Baby Shower Gift Set 

This isn’t a tutorial, but an Etsy listing for a scrumptious baby shower gift of onsies and a burp cloth in an ice cream bowl! I love it when people dress up their gifts!

Listing found at Kalos Candy’s Etsy Shop

Here is an amazing little person’s wool jacket tutorial. I think I just fell in love with this. It is so cute! 

Tutorial found at Shwin and Shwin

Baby Football Helmet Beanie Made to Order Dallas Cowboys
Again, another Etsy listing (people are just too creative!) There are so many adorable baby girl clothing ideas, that moms with boys may feel left out. But not with this super cute baby football Beanie!

Listing found at Laura Betty’s Etsy Shop 

If you are up to the challenge, take a look at this  crotchet pattern for a variation of this baby football helmet.

Tutorial found at Breezybot 

While this AMAZING headband is a item for sale, you could use this concept to create your own over the top cute headpiece! 

Listing at Savory Britches Boutique


 This was one of the very first sewing tutorials that inspired me! How adorable is this? Recover your plain car seat with cute fabric!

Tutorial found at Make It Love It

Letters 20 

How cute is this black tie & vest onesie? 

Tutorial found at Lemon Tree Creations

Make baby leggings out of socks! Cut and easy! This is a great solution to paints and the difficulties they present to diaper changes!

Tutorial at Deco-rganiz Crafts 

Have an old tee shirt you really love that doesn’t fit anymore? Make it into a onesie!

Tutorial at The Seamery

Old Hollywood Feather Headband
This isn’t a tutorial, but it was just too cute not to post. Who wouldn’t love this Vintage Peacock Headband? 

Listing at  Charming Necessities


Aren’t these monster bibs just too cute?

Tutorial found at Stubbornly Crafty


Roll Onesies up into cupcakes for a great baby shower gift presentation!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App 

I’ve seen this stunning baby carrier all over pinterest with captions like “DIY sling – two rings, long strip of fabric…this is great b/c you can pick super cute fabric!” It took me forever to find the original source, and when I did, to my dismay, it was just a photo with no source for the sling, merchandiser or tutorial.  

But you can use the same color concept and make your own with the tutorial below this one.

Photo Source

Here is a DIY Baby Sling Tutorial that you can use (and pick cute fabrics for!)

Tutorial found at Life More Simply

What could be cuter on a baby girl than lace? Try out this easy Baby Petti Romper tutorial using yards of lace and a onesie!
Make your own soft baby shoes with this adorable step by step tutorial!

Up cycle old tee shirts into baby bibs! If this isn’t  a brilliant use for old cloths, I don’t know what it!

Tutorial found at A Little Tipsy

Make your own Baby Bear Hat that fits sizes nb-10 Months!

Tutorial found at We Lived Happily Ever After 


Make your own baby stacking toy! This is a great way to build your babies senses & motor skills.

Keeping those little wiggly legs warm can be difficult, especially when your baby is born in the beginning of fall or winter! I LOVE these wearable baby sleeping bags (my daughter practically lives in one!)

Tutorial found at Make it Love it!


Every baby girl needs her own Tutu! Making your own is super easy all you need it ribbon or string, and tulle!

Tutorial found at We Lived Happily Ever After


Make a changing pad with hidden storage! Perfect for traveling!

Tutorial found at Gluesticks 

To all the women who created these wonderful tutorials and products: You
are AMAZING! Thank your for sharing your creativity & inspiring us!

thank you for stopping by!

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