Tangled Inspired Origami Box Party Lights! {Plus More Party Light Ideas!}

Who here loves Tangled? There is just something super romantic about the scene where they light all the thousands of lanterns.

Here’s a way to achieve the same feel without all the fire hazards. 🙂
By the way, credit for the project goes to my sister, Laurel! 
Here’s the how to:
And there you have it! Origami Box Party Lights! 
To use with lights, you just insert the bulbs into the boxes & they stay in pretty well!
They make great day time decorations (and photo back drops!)
But they are at their best when it gets dark…
It reminds me so much of Tangled! 
We thought about using different textures of paper like wax paper so they could be waterproof & be kept outdoors for an extended time!
Here are some more really cute & easy party light garland ideas:

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