Chocolate Pretzels {with the secret to perfect drizzle lines!}

We made these as party favors for my Sister’s Surprise Birthday Party. They were soooooooo yummy! 

The great thing about using these for a party is that you can make them several days ahead of time. We put them in cute little pretzel bags and tied ribbon around the bottom.
It only takes 15 minutes of work total! 
Just dip your pretzel sticks into melted chocolate, lay them out on wax paper & let them harden for a few minutes.
Now the fun part: Drizzle your chocolate sticks with white chocolate from a squeeze bottle!
Much better than using a fork to drizzle! (Thank you My Kitchen Addiction for the idea!)
Let them harden and resist the temptation to eat one while still melted…. (don’t give in like I did!) Okay, you can eat ONE, but they are so much better once the chocolate has set.
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