Love Notes

Love Notes are a great interactive decoration for any party.
They are a great Guest Books idea for  weddings. Or you can use it to leave notes of congratulations and encouragement for events such as graduations, birthdays, or anniversaries.

All you have to do is hang up some string or twine, and clip on “sticky note size” paper! Try out cute shapes and colors! 
 Use clothespins, ribbon, paperclips, staples, tape or any anything else you want to hang them with. For us, clothespins were super easy to work with and went perfectly with our rustic, vintage theme. 
Make sure to have a sign to tell your guests to leave notes of encouragement, or “Love Notes” on the line. 🙂 We just clipped the sharpie lids onto the string.
You could come up with all sorts of great ways to display this: make a giant frame with strings going up or down through it, or you can just simply hanging it as a garland like we did.
These are a fun, functional way to include your guests and give a special gift of encouragement to your Guest of Honor!

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