How to Bake a Wedding Cake using a Cake Box Mix! {Part 2}

If you haven’t seen Part One in my “Making a Wedding Cake Series” you should check it out!

I was going to include “How to Frost a Wedding Cake & Make it Perfectly Level” & “How to Make and Cover Cakes with Fondant.” But when my memory card got full & was transferred to the computer, I lost half of my pictures. 
I will be doing another cake tutorial soon. So I will show those techniques then. I promise. 🙂
HOWEVER, Even though I don’t have the pictures of it, I want to give you a good idea on how to frost the cake, as it is really important (the fondant will not look right if you don’t do this perfect!) So, without the pictures I took of this process, this is the best I can do to show you how to frost your cake (NOTE: these are pictures from the part one, illustrating the crumb coat- not my final coat of frosting!)
Keep the cake lifter flat on the lazy susan (!!!!) while you are frosting the cake or it will be lopsided. 
You start by making the sides perfect. Then you measure where the top should be all the way around the top of the cake, tracing a faint line (I used my cake layer cutter thing to measure & trace a line) and then using your cake lifter, you start at the line and then bring the frosting into the middle. I hope it makes sense. It’s so hard to explain without the pictures.
VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Be constantly dipping your cake lifter in boiling hot water. It will make your frosting as smooth as you could ever dream! 
Now I am going to skip the fondant making, (I will save that for another day) and show you how to stack your cakes with the proper
support & decorate them with royal icing and fresh flowers. 
Since my cake wasn’t a monster cake in size and weight, I used bamboo skewers as my support. I’ve used wooden dowels too. But these worked just as good for me here.
To measure out how tall you need them to be, stick one in, mark where the cut should be & pull it out. You DO NOT want it taller than the top of your cake. But you don’t want it significantly shorter either. You want it to support the cake stacked on top & make sure it doesn’t sink into it. So put enough of them on there! (I did about 6- 8 each cake)
Okay, so with the help of some cake lifters (and someone to tell me when I was centered) we stacked them!
As you can see, the fondant kind of made a “swooping skirt effect” on the first and second layers. I fixed it by smoothing out the fondant with my fondant smoother a little bit more.
We used our royal icing to decorate the bottoms of the layers because the Bride didn’t want ribbon. Then we let it sit over night.
You can find the Royal Icing recipe we used, here
You want it to be thick, and not runny, so it will hold your pipping design.
After a 2 1/2 hour car ride, THE CAKE MADE IT IN ONE PIECE! 😛
And we got to do the fun part. The Flowers!
There it is! The final product! I am so proud of it!
This cake was not a one person job…. so, here is the credit roll:
 My Mom, and my Beautiful Sisters
They all had a huge part in all the different steps of this cake!
My wonderful Husband  
Cakes need strong men to carry them everywhere they needed to go. 😛
And the ladies at Amazing Grace Cakes 
for teaching us different cake making techniques (and making my beautiful wedding cake!)

thank you for stopping by!

  1. Ashley

    August 4th, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    Love it!

  2. Anonymous

    August 4th, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    The cascade of flowers is gorgeous!

  3. Anonymous

    December 17th, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    it is so butiful

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