DIY Candle Pillar Stand

This is what I call a “Have Your Amazing Husband Do It For You” project. 🙂

It all started when I was looking at all the left over crown molding boards we had accumulated. 
I had previously made some gorgeous Candle Pillars in three different heights (Tutorial Found Here) and then I was inspired to make a long Candle Pillar Stand and use the crown molding for the base!
I asked my husband to get the chop saw out for me & he did more than that! All the tedious, perfectionist cuts & screwing!!! Isn’t he wonderful? 
All you need is some post board for the pillars; some shelving board for the base, underneath support & the tops; some crown molding; and finally, some screws and paint!
 We measured out everything, cut it, and drew an outline of where each post should symmetrically be on the base. Then we screwed it all in by turning the base upside down onto each post and screwing from the bottom of the base. 
Then we nailed the square tops onto each pillar.
Now for the fun part, painting!
 The above picture is of the base with the crown molding
on the sides and the support board underneath it all. We didn’t trust
the trim to support all the weight, so we put the board underneath it for support. We made it level with where the trim would touch the table. It’s one heavy piece of decor so you want to make sure it’s properly supported!
 The second picture is what the base looked like when standing. We decided to not do a picture frame molding completely around the whole base & I actually really like how the “feet” turned out! 

Finishing touch: I Gorilla Glued white tiles (which I painted to match the rest of it) on top of the cut 2×4 tops. It gives more of a classy dimension to the piece.

Isn’t it so pretty? I love how it all turned out! It would probably be in the upper hundreds for something like this,
when I just did it with materials from around the house!

thank you for stopping by!

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